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When speeding down the highway, the component responsible for transferring power from the engine to your wheels is the transmission, and it is central to the function of your vehicle. At Caruso Ford, we’re home to a highly experienced Ford parts and service team who are more than just good at maintenance, but incredibly knowledgeable resources for all things automotive.

The transmission, much like the rest of your engine, is a complex piece of machinery made up of intricate network components that work in concert to provide engine power to the wheels. As a result, your transmission is as integral to the movement of your vehicle as your engine or your wheels.

When you shop for a vehicle at our Long Beach Ford dealership, you’ll likely have a selection of different transmission types to choose from. Between automatic, manual, dual-clutch automatic, and CVT (continuously automatic transmission), there are certainly a lot of options to choose from. That said, no matter what transmission type is installed in your engine, each requires its own form of detailed maintenance.

Your transmission is made up of a wide variety of moving parts, all working to provide power to your vehicle’s wheels. As a result, transmission fluid is required to ensure everything is running together smoothly. Although this fluid won’t last forever and typically requires changing every 30,000 to 60,000 miles depending on the type of transmission your car uses. In that same vein, have your transmission checked by an expert on a semi-regular basis. Having your transmission checked regularly can make sure everything is working at optimal levels, and help you avoid some serious repairs down the road.

Looking to maintain your transmission from a team of maintenance experts? You can find all the assistance you need at Caruso Ford. We’ve made a name for ourselves throughout Southern California providing superb maintenance services with expertise in repairing everything from your radiator to your transmission.

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