One of the major complaints that people have had with those who drive trucks is that they are not being friendly to the environment. Most people who drive trucks around Signal Hill need the power for work, whether it is for professional or personal reasons. Ford now has a way for people to get the towing and hauling power some need and protecting the environment as others want.

Choice Matters

The new hybrid F-150 has many reasons to be the choice of contractors and those who spend their weekends being busy with many different projects. The most important addition is the Pro Power Onboard, which is a 2.4 kW generator system that comes standard. Instead of needing a separate generator, plug it in the truck. See this at Caruso Ford Lincoln near Bellflower, CA to see how this can make life much easier.

Same Features

While Ford has put new features into their F-150, those in Long Beach, CA know the same reliable features they have become used to are still there. The inside is just as comfortable as it always is. A person can still make it up steep roads without worry. The reliability that people count on is still there. This means that we can offer you what you expect with added benefits. The Ford F-150 will be that constant that is needed in an uncertain world.

Motor Choice

People in the Carson area know how reliable Ford motors are, especially in the F-150. Now, with the addition of the hybrid choice, people can know they can have the necessary power while saving fuel. Someone who spends their normal day driving around the city getting supplies do not need to always have the power that the F-150 has. A person can save it for when it is really needed.

When looking to have the latest accessories to make life better, look at a Ford F-150 here at Caruso Ford Lincoln near Lakewood, CA. Our dealership can set you up with test drive and see why we are excited about the new hybrid with all its technology. Professional or personal, this truck can make a difference.

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